Dr. Stephen Sabin PSYD

I listen to my patients with the same intensity and appreciation that I use to listen to music. I pay attention to the nuances, the pauses, the skips, the tone of your voice and the sounds erupting from the deepest parts within you.

Sometimes silence is the best response. Part of my job is to leave space for you to arrive at your own understanding—to experience your own epiphany.

In our space, there is no “going off on a tangent.” Tangents are actually the things we need to explore. Every thought is honored. Traveling through time and space is exactly what we need to be doing, as we are fellow travelers.

You lead the way. I want you to bring the song lyrics, art and literature that inspire you, so that they may light up our process. A song running through your mind can launch a train of thought worth following for a whole session.

I honor our sacred process. There is simply no way around doing the work. We need to unseal the vaults, break through the concrete barriers and feel the pain—feel everything—so that it can be reorganized, released and healed.

I believe in fighting the good fight. Fighting for the aspects of you that have been wounded, pushed aside or newly discovered. Fighting on behalf of the forgotten and vulnerable parts we’ve invited into the room.

We carry on the tradition that defines the very best of our discipline’s origin—that “psychoanalysis is a cure through love.”